PC-Game Trolleybus modding 
and the trolleybuses of Szeged

1. Mafia Project

Drive realistic Brill ,,Rail-less car"-s in Mafia.

A wire system have been built in Lost Heaven to simulate how public transport looked like in the 20's and 30's of USA.

The line starts at Works Quarter Tram loop and heads to the Lost Heaven Racing Circuit.

It is a single-wire system, so trolleys ure the same wire at the Racing Circuit Road in both directions .

The poles don' t follow the wires, Mafia can't handle complex algorythms like this.

You can get an exiting view by driving Trolleybus No. 51. The dashcam is placed on the roof.

Instructions for Installation

Step 1.:

Download the file and exctract it.

Run MafiaDataxctractor and Extract:

Missions, Models, Tables and Textures

Step 2.:

Copy the Folders in your Mafia game folder witch you Extracted from the Trolleybus mod.rar file

Step 3.:


The mod contains the famous Laurel-Canyon Trackless-Trolley too.

  • You can find it near the Tram-loop

Take a closer look at Carcyclopedia

You will find some gems and rareities

Cruise around the city

The are some new cars hidden mainly from Realcarfacing mod

Drive the trolleybus

Start the Freeride at Little Italy, and find yourself near the Trolleybus Depot. Or choose a Trolleybus from Carcyclopedia (when you drive in City night mode)


The mod uses the Realcarfacing mod 1.5 mainly, made by one of my friends, Neutral.

You can download the original mod here: